My name is James Douvikas. I love sports and music.  My blogs will be about Unexpected performaces each week throughout the NFL.

  1. Gerald Croston says:

    Hey whats up man, first I got to say your background is a whole lot better than what I previous seen. I’m not really a sports fan as far as football goes, but I like to root for the Browns from time to time because they are the home team and I’m tired of their losing season after season. I’m more of the non-contact type of sports player, my favorite sport to play and watch is the game of pool, if you want to get technical, billiards. I changed my blog and its all About The Game Of Pool. check it out, and again nice background layout.

    • sarah says:

      Nice job fixing the background and I’m super glad I did football as my second post on my blog it’s going to make reading , and more importantly understanding, your blog a lot easier. Do you watch all of the games to see all of the plays because that’s a ton of t.v. time?

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