NFL: Unexpected Performances Week 4

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

With Week 4 done, some of the season surprises still seem to wow us.  Cam Newton may have lost but still threw 374 yards with a touchdown and rushed for two touchdowns. 

Cam dancing after scoring a touchdown

 The Detroit Lions continue to show they are legit.  For the second week in a row they were down at the half and came back and won it.  Tony Romo showed cannot close out a fourth quarter.  The Cowboys scored zero in the fourth while the Lions went to score 17.  Romo threw two interceptions which helped Detroit top off this victory to improve to 4-0.

Calvin Johnson being tripled covered on this play and catches the touchdown

Last but not least the 49ers came back from a 17 point deficit against the “dream team.”  Many had the Eagles going to the Super Bowl this year but with their 1-3 record it looks like that won’t happen until they turn it around.  Every year the 49ers are supposed to have “that year” where they are playoff contenders.  It is a shocker to see them 3-1 and number one in the division for a change.  Alex Smith was the QB taking the snaps.  He has had a rocky career because it seems like he gets a new Offensive Coordinator each year.  He posted 291 passing yards and 2 touchdowns.  Could this be the year the 49ers make the playoffs?

Alex Smith looking to make a pass while avoiding a sack

Redskins’ back up runningback, Ryan Torain, had a very productive day.  The back up ran 135 yards and one touchdown in Washington’s 17-10 win against the Rams.  With this performance there is speculation that Torain could possibly take the starting job.

Torain runs the ball against the Rams

 Week 4 is over, Buffalo is no longer undefeated and week 5 coming up teams bye weeks will be starting.  The Browns, Ravens, Cowboys, Dolphins, Rams, and Redskins will not be playing next week.  Detoit will be playing Monday night.  Will they continue to be elite and take down their division rival Chicago? We’ll found out Monday.

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