NFL: Unexpected Performances Week 3

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Week 3 is done and I am glad to say Cam Newton got his first NFL win.  The Lions continue to succeed with Stafford staying heathly and improve Detroit to 3-0.  An odd performance I must point out was done by Tom Brady.  Brady threw four interceptions in one game.  Just a year ago he threw four all seasons.

Speaking of Brady, his Patriots were apart of a stunning upset when they lost to the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills, before this game, have not beaten the Patriots in fifteen atempts.  That changed Sunday when the Bills were down 21-0 and came back won 34-31.  Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 369 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Bills topped off this victory with Rian Lindell field goal as time expired.  The Bills improved to 3-0 and lead the AFC East

Fitzpatrick looks to make a pass

The New York Jets were upset by the Oaklandn Raiders.  The Jets are looked as for having a strong defense that can stop that run.  Well McFadden ran all over that defense Sunday carring the ball 19 times and rushing for 171 yards.  The Raiders improved to 2-1 and are tied for first with the Chargers.

McFadden puts the team on his back against the Jets

Baltimore Raven’s receiver, Torrey Smith had five receptions for 152 yards and three touchdowns.  Smith is a rookie and his first catch was a touchdown.  Now I think this game was a one time performance from him but it was surprising.  He help the Ravens to a record of 2-1 and are in a three way tie for first place in the AFC North with the Browns and Steelers.

Torrey Smith dives for a catch

Week 3 is done.  Hopefully teams like the Bills and Raiders continue to shock the NFL with stunning wins.   While teams like the Patriots and Jets try to get on the right path.
  1. Eric Frank says:

    It was a good week for me in the NFL as the surprising win for the Bills over the Patriots. Hopefully this will continue and Fitzpatrick will lead them to victory next week. What do you think on Tony Romo? I feel he puts himself and the team to risk by playing this week. I feel it is not good decision to act as a superhero when you could really do some permanent damge to himself!

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